Tryouts For Pro Club Experience 2019

On Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 Great Gain Athletes Inc hosted their 3rd annual Pro Club Experience private workout. The private workout gives registrants the opportunity to showcase their talent in hopes of being selected for the Pro Club Experience, a basketball development mentoring program for aspiring professional athletes.


Tricia Martin, Co-Founder of GGA Inc shares some insight what the program entails

Tricia Martin, Co-Founder, Executive Director & Fiba Sports Agent

Why is this program needed?

We host this tryout not only to select candidates we feel we can help on the court but also beyond the game. Many guys hear about us but may feel they don’t need our help and that’s okay. We are not for everyone. However, there are those guys that have exceptional talent but are often overlooked, disregarded or may have been going down the wrong path and needed something like our program to help them steer a different path in life. We are essentially a support system providing a vehicle for young people to achieve their goals as athletes as well as in other professions in the sports industry.

Mike Martin, Co-Founder, Coach & Mentor

How does it work?

We selected a maximum of 24 athletes ages 18 and up who either registered online or who were invited to the workout to be evaluated for the final roster of 12-15 guys. We do not charge a fee at this time to participate but in in exchange for the mentorship we provide, they must volunteer their time within our youth programs and community activities and events. It’s a give, give, win, win situation. 

Gabe Adersteg, program alum- returning from first pro season in Italy

Khal Williams, program alum -returning from first pro season in Egypt

What should the selected guys look forward to within this program?

They should enter this program ready to be coached at a pro level with a dedication, sacrifice mindset. This will be an intensive and rigorous 12 weeks of conditioning, IQ development and athletic training. They should leave this program in game shape with a new perspective of the game. They should leave feeling more equipped to handle the obstacles that high level basketball demands. They will have learned their impact in the community and amongst youth by reaching back and guiding forward, showing young people that they don’t have to be great to start but they have to start to be great. And, they should leave this program having found a life long brotherhood and a support system that encourages and pushes them to continue to reach their goals.



Photo credit: @NikaGo


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