Pro-Club Experience Media Day 2018

Great Gain Athletics Inc hosted our official Media Day for selected players who will continue on to participate in our 12 week summer development basketball program, Pro-Club Experience. Every season 12-15 guys are selected and invited to develop their uptapped potential, learn about the business of basketball on and off the court as well as volunteer their time with the youth and in the community.

Media Day is an introduction to media outlets, family, friends and the community of the athletes selected, our they organization’s goals for the season as well as how we will make an impact together as productive citizens and positive roles models for the youth.

“Pro-Club Experience is unique because we model our program as if you were to sign a professional contract to play overseas or in the NBA…” – Coach & Mentor, Mike Martin.

Coach Mike, a retired 8 year international professional basketball player, now coach and mentor has always had a vision for this program that would guide young men to make better choices for their life and careers on the court and beyond the game. His teaching system and philosophy PIQD was develop to instill substance back into players.

“This will be an intensive 12 weeks. Not everyone will make it through and that’s okay because it’s not easy. It will require a lot of dedication and many sacrifices but my hope is that for those who do complete it satisfactorily, will go on to carve out their own path to success feeling prepared, confident and empowered” – Coach & Mentor, Mike Martin.

One of our invited media outlets, Shereen Rayan, host of In The Front Row LA, came out to learn about our organization and also to have a some fun getting to know some of our players. Please check out her recap below.

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