GGA Inc’s Ambassador Basketball Team Powered By The G Wows The Crowd Two Weeks In A Row With Buzzer-beater Wins At The JB League

A very exciting comeback win for powered by the G! The 2021 JBL pro am is underway. The “G” squad is back with unfinished business. Week 1 ended in exciting fashion with the game-winning shot at the buzzer by Coach Mike!

Week 2 got off to a slow start. We struggled with their zone defense. They did an amazing job slowing the game down. Powered by the G kept fighting quarter by quarter and chop their lead down to just four points. A lane violation gave the G squad a chance to tie the game. Coach Mike came in with the clutch four point play! Powered by the G 2-0!


Is our semi-pro brand ambassador basketball team. Guys who play or have played professionally or who have retired or even weekend warriors that come together to play the game for the greater gain bringing awareness to mental health, mentoring and the positive affects of role modeling through sports. To learn more about our sports mentoring initiative click here

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